woking bni meeting
People from a variety of businesses, trades and professions visit us by coming along to one of our weekly breakfast meetings in the Surrey Suite of the Hoebridge Golf Centre on the outskirts of Woking, Surrey.
What to Expect
Plan to arrive on a Tuesday morning between 6.30am and 6.40am, the meeting will finish by 8.30am.
Below is a brief overview of what to expect.
  • 7.40am - 7.00am - Open Networking; introductions and a chance to mingle and chat with current members and this weeks visitors over tea/coffee.
  • 7.00am - 7.15am - Breakfast is served; from the buffet bar offering your choice of items from egg and bacon to a full English cooked breakfast
  • 7.15am - 7.25am - Meeting opens with the Leadership Team being introduced. Then an education slot.
  • 7.25am - 7.50am - Each member spends 60 seconds briefly educating other members and visitors about the service they provide, and what sort of referrals they are looking for. After this, you together with other visitors also have the same opportunity to talk about your business for 60 seconds.
  • 7.50am - 8.00am - 10 minute presentation; one member each week is given an opportunity to present a more detailed overview of their business.
  • 8.00am - 8.25am - Referrals! This is where each member gets the chance to give out and receive qualified business referrals to/from other members and visitors.
  • 8.25am - 8.30am - Announcements, close of meeting.