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No fear for steady men (and women)!

James' Garden Gym
Business professionals are used to thinking outside the box, especially James Parker of My-Lock Locksmiths, who has used his usual puzzle-solving, locksmith skills to meet the challenges of being in #coronavirus #lockdown. Deprived of the opportunity to go to his regular gym, James has built one in his backyard.
At the BNI Woking meeting, now weekly on Zoom, James said: “#StayAtHome and#StaySafe has meant I can’t go to the gym so I thought I’d build my own. All the materials, other than four lengths of wood and a pulley, were things I already had or was able to recycle: The bench padding was from an old office chair, the leather cover was from my old head board and I've utilised some old leisure batteries as additional weight as well.” – Respect!

Covid-19 Affect on Business
The team shared updates on how COVID 19 restrictions are affecting them and their clients, while team members and visitors also gave updates on what options are available to SMEs and advice on how business owners can, and should, be dealing with the current crisis.
Cath Wallace of Kandula Consulting, a change management specialist, is seeing a greater need than ever for her skills and so she’s offering a free initial consultation to help business owners understand more about the challenges and what they can do.
“The impact of the coronavirus crisis will mean many changes for many companies. I can help businesses think about and plan for the changes in their workforce, their culture, their productivity and their revenue.
“Basically, I can help business owners who will face key questions that include: How do you set yourself up legally to have the right people, in the right work, in the right type of work?”